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You've taken great care of your teeth. You visit your dentist every 6 months for regular check-ups and exams and everybody comments on you wonderful smile. But you still wish your teeth could be a little bit whiter... Our Hurst Teeth Whitening service can do more than just make your teeth a little bit whiter. We offer many different types of teeth whitening services at our Hurst location. And there is one that is sure to fit your needs, and budget. But if you're looking for something fast...if you’re looking for something instant...we recommend ZOOM! The patented teeth whitening system produces dramatic results in less than an hour!

So What Happens During ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

The ZOOM! tooth whitening system relies on a specially formulated bleaching gel we apply directly to the teeth. Once the gel is in place, heat and light from a ZOOM! lamp will be directed to the mouth in order to activate the gel. This procedure is repeated two more times for a total of three applications that take approximately 15 minutes each. After the third whitening treatment, the teeth are rinsed and the procedure you're all done. In less than an hour, an average of 8 shades of whitening will have been achieved. This Hurst Teeth Whitening treatment is easily and comfortably completed without anesthesia, and side-effects are minimal, generally consisting of an increased sensitivity that will subside from within a few hours to a few days (in the latter case, a desensitizing toothpaste is recommended for temporary use).

One Hour Whitening Service Hurst Texas

At our Hurst office, the ZOOM teeth whitening system is the most popular choice for teeth whitening. The ZOOM system gives you quick results in just one appointment.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Hurst Texas

Get Ready for a Whiter Smile!

We want your smile to be all that it can be, and we’re certain that you want the same. Contact Dossett Dental in Hurst and arrange for a free consultation about your Hurst Tooth Whitening or any other dental services needs. Dossett Dental Hurst is conveniently located off Harwood Road and because of your hectic schedule, we offer Saturday and evening office hours. Exceptional results and ultra-convenience – what’s stopping you from letting us put a whiter and brighter smile on your face? Visit Dossett Dental for all of your Hurst Teeth Whitening needs.

***Clinical examination required. Zoom can only be performed in the absence of periodontal disease and active decay.

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