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When it comes to our personal appearance, is there anything more important or eye-catching than our smile? Here at Dossett Dental in Hurst we don't think so. We're in the business of creating bright and attractive smiles. But more importantly, we're in the business of creating healthy smiles because we know that good oral health is essential to our overall well-being. To help ensure our patients receive optimal oral care, we provide a full spectrum of treatments at our office in Hurst, including root canals.


  • Clear aligners are virtually invisible
  • Smooth comfortable plastic aligners
  • Aligners are removable for easy cleaning
  • Eat whatever you want


  • Requires brackets and wires
  • Wires can poke and irritate mouth
  • Brushing and flossing require more effort
  • Many food restrictions

The Invisalign treatment process is a simple series of 5 steps:

  • Contact Dossett Dental in Hurst - You know that feeling after you get your teeth cleaned? The feeling that your teeth look and feel their very best. At Dossett Dental in Hurst we use the latest techniques, equipment, and specially formulated cleaning agents to achieve exceptional cosmetic results. Most stains can be easily removed and you'll leave with a noticeably whiter smile.
  • Get Started - Your doctor will create a digital 3d image of your teeth to create a precise treatment plan.
  • Getting your personal, custom aligners - A series of custom-made clear aligners are created specifically for you.
  • A simple process - with only the occasional checkup - Every two weeks you wear a new aligner.
  • How long will I have Invisalign? - Length of treatment is comparable to that of braces.
Clear Braces Hurst Texas


There's no better time than right now to contact Dossett Dental in Hurst to learn more about achieving your perfect smile! Come in for a free consultation to learn more about Hurst Invisalign Braces, and whether or not they’re the optimal solution for you. We're conveniently located off of Harwood Road and have Saturday and evening appointments available. Achieve your perfect smile today!

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